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Macaw Parrot For Sale

  • Price : $400
  • City: Buffalo
  • State: South Dakota
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I'm having to rehome my macaw parrot due to my health and disabilities he hasn't had the best start in life I've had him for approximately 5 years now and was told he was hand tamed but as soon as I got him home it was apparent he was fearful of the Hand and wouldn't let you touch or go near him he too was in such a tiny cage that was certainly not ideal for such a large beautiful bird he's now in an extra large cage which is more suitable for his needs and enjoyment this will be included when the right home becomes available with time and patience we've got him to trust taking food from the hand with a gentle approach. since my health deteriorated I've been bedridden most days so he doesn't get a lot of human interaction that he so deserves I'm looking for someone with a little experience or knowledge of Raising such an exotic creature and who has the financial means to make sure they can provide for the cost of his daily and health care needs and mostly the patience and time to be able to give this feathered baby this is a very hard and painful decision for me to have to be in as if I could give him what he needs like I was able to when I first got him I wouldn't be writing this advert he's a quiet parrot who used to love walking around on the floor when he was out of his cage and when we had a smaller spare cage he used that to sit on and so elegantly spread his Wings it was amazing to watch he needs a settled life now and a forever home somewhere special so only genuine people need apply the home is paramount to me for more information please get in contact and I will answer any questions you may have.